5 Must-Have Podcasts to Help Improve Your Daily Commute

Podcasts have taken off since the days of iPod minis, and now we’re just inundated with both new and trending podcasts right at every turn. To help make your podcast selection less confusing, we listed down some of our favourites along with the reasons why you should hit their subscribe buttons, pronto.

1. The Lively Show
Need some motivation to kick-off your day? Join Jess Lively and her amazing guests as they talk about their own struggles and triumphs both in their daily life and long-term goals. This podcast is just the perfect inspiration if you’re feeling overwhelmed or if you need some encouragement from someone who’s experienced what you’re currently going through.

2. Lore
Delving into the unknown history of superstitions, Lore explores eerie, yet mesmerizing world of the supernatural in easily to listen to 30-minutes episodes. So catch it now before it turns into a TV show – especially if you want to be all hipster and say that you knew it before it was even a thing.

3. My Favourite Murder
What is it about death, murder and anything gruesome that’s so fascinating? Join Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff as they share their own favourite murder and true crime stories. This podcast is perfect, especially if you’re looking for something that will fill the void that series’ Serial and Making a Murder have left in you.

4. Anna Faris is Unqualified
A perfect mix of call-in advice, gentle bickering and improve, Unqualified is sure to make you laugh out loud even in public places. Plus, the unsolicited advices from call-in listeners is actually quite useful and constructive if you just listen to them closely.

5. 99% Invisible
99% Invisible is simply a deep dive into the design all around us, which we frequently forget to really see. Hosted by Roman Mars, this podcast provides a fascinating look at the structures that compose our world – how they’re put into place, why they exist, as well as what their relevance is these days. Expect to learn a lot of new and incredible things every time you tune into it during your commute.

Other than taking new routes, listening to podcasts is another way of making your daily commute more entertaining. So be sure to check any of the aforementioned podcasts so you could make the most out of your daily trips to and from school or work.

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