Kitchen Equipment for Specialty Restaurants and Cafe

Like most of Southeast Asia, Singapore is also known for its variety of food and beverages inspired by the colorful cultures of the region. Therefore, it is not surprising that a lot of restaurants and cafes in the country specialize in particular dishes.

If you’re new to the specialty food business, the best way to keep up with competitors is to invest in quality kitchen equipment that will serve your specific needs. Whether you’re planning a European-themed menu or a bar that will serve drinks and cocktails, it’s important to talk to your kitchen equipment supplier to come up with a list of commercial kitchen equipment you will need.


A multi-cuisine restaurant does not specialize in one cuisine, so expect to find continental food along with Asian staples like rice, noodles and soups. For this type of restaurant, you will need all the basic commercial kitchen equipment such as gas or electric range, refrigerator and/or freezer, oven, fryer, steamers, grills, pasta cookers, blender, microwave oven, coffee maker, slow cooker, toaster, water cooler, etc. Show your menu to the kitchen equipment supplier like in Singapore for recommendations and additional equipment.

Fast Food Joint

A fast food joint serves meals that can be prepared easily and quickly and serves as an alternative to meals in most restaurants. Your fast food joint will need the following commercial kitchen equipment: refrigerator and freezer, deep fryer, char grill, sandwich station, countertop gas griddles, bratt pan, pasta cooker, sandwich griller, microwave, cooling display, toaster and salamanders, glass display, mixers, vegetable cutters, washing and peeling machine, ovens, range, pressure cooker, and slicing machine.

Rotisserie and Barbecue Stand

The rotisserie is a type of food business that prepares roast or grilled meat and fish in front of the customers. The barbecue stand is also similar but the live charcoal or griller is displayed more prominently. It also sells marinated and skewered meat, fish, vegetables and others. For these types of restaurants, you will need the following commercial kitchen equipment: gas or electric rotisserie, gas or electric charbroilers, heat holding cabinets, refrigerator and freezer, gas or electric griddles, specialty grills (hot dog, panini grills and waffle baker), dishwasher, commercial outdoor grill and smokers, gas or electric range, oven, deep fryer, and water dispenser.

Pizza Parlor

A pizza parlor serves pizza, pasta, snacks and sometimes full meals. For this type of restaurant, consult your kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore for the following: conveyor ovens, pizza ovens, par baked pizza oven, dough rollers and divider, pizza prep table, pizza press, pizza dough mixer, heated display cases and cabinets, pizza spinner, cheese shredder and grater, pizza pan racks, refrigerator and freezer, blender, water dispenser, fryers, pasta cookers, mixers, juicers, meat press, etc.

Coffee or Tea Shop

These shops primarily serve beverages and snacks like cakes and pastries. Some coffee and tea shops also serve full meals, so make sure your kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore knows the types of food you will serve. For this type of food business, you will need the following commercial kitchen equipment: coffee press, coffee grinder, coffee maker or brewer, espresso or cappuccino machines, airpot brewers, coffee warmers, coffee urns, refrigerator and/or freezer, hot water dispenser, hot chocolate dispenser, blenders, water dispenser, slushy machines, tea brewer, tea dispenser, iced coffee dispenser, juicing machines, and refrigerated beverage dispensers.

Catering Services

Catering services is a type of food business that prepares and serves food for different events. To start a catering services, you will need the following commercial kitchen equipment: countertop ranges, towable grills, outdoor grills, countertop electric fryers, insulated beverage containers, end load food transporters, beverage dispensers, steam or hot food tables, juice dispensers, portable outdoor steamers, coffee maker, soup warmer, ice caddies, ovens, condiment dispenser, portable sink, portable bar, banquet cabinet, hot plates, food warmers, table settings, and serving items.


A bakery makes bread, cakes, pastries and other baked goods. Your commercial kitchen equipment will consist of the following: convection ovens, commercial oven, deck oven, mixers (cake and dough mixer), holding or proofing cabinets, sheet pan racks, bread slicer, cook and hold oven, refrigerated cases, dry bakery cases, ingredient bins, refrigerator and freezer, blast chillers, bakers’ table, and utility cart.

Pub and Bars

Pubs specialize in beer and snacks, while bars or clubs offer various alcoholic drinks, snacks, full meals as well as live entertainment. For these types of food businesses, you will need the following commercial kitchen equipment: underbar workstations and sinks, glassware storage or racks, dishwasher, water dispenser, blender, mixer, portable bar, ice machines, beverage dispensers, refrigerator and/or freezer, juicers, ice bins, coffee maker, bottle coolers, wine coolers, and undercounter refrigerator and/or freezer.

Ice Cream Parlor

An ice cream parlor serves frozen desserts such as ice cream, sundae, gelato, snow cones, frozen yogurt, floats, cakes and more. Your kitchen should have the following essential equipment: refrigerator, freezer, ice machines, soft serve machines, waffle cone maker, cone dispenser, crepe maker, ice cream freezer, dipper well, milkshake machines, cone or cup dispenser, water dispenser, blender, condiment pump, cream whippers and dispensers, and candy or topping dispensers.

Asian Cuisine Restaurant

Besides European-themed restaurants, you will also find a lot of food businesses in Singapore that specialize in Asian cuisine. You will need the following commercial kitchen equipment to start your own: gas or electric range, refrigerator and freezer, rice cooker, rice warmer, sushi rice container, sushi pot, stock pot range, Wok range, teppanyaki griddles, fruit cutter, vegetable cutter, Mongolian barbecue range, condiment pumps, refrigerated sushi case, towel steamer or heater, slow cooker, refrigerated tapas case, deep fryer, blender, meat tenderizer, meat slicer, food processor, mixer, etc.