Combat Hair Loss with these Essential Nutrients and Healthy Food Choices

Sometimes, relying on shampoo choice alone does not really stop the countless strands of hair you continually lose each day. Many people in Singapore consult various health professionals regarding their concerning hair condition, and more often than not they are rather surprised when it points back to their general lifestyle. Did you know that the condition of your hair is actually affected largely by the status of your internal health?

Nutritionists believe that a better diet and healthier lifestyle can slow or fully reverse hair loss, making the hair thicker and healthier. The era of our thickest hair has come and gone when we were fifteen years old, hence as we grow older we must keep as much of that hair and maintain its natural shine, strength, and luster.

In order to help you combat hair loss, this article will present some of the most common nutrients and healthy food choices you can consume on the daily. These key nutrients are required regularly by the cells that make up each strand of your hair.

Each of our hair strand is composed of protein. This means the more protein we consume, the more likely it is for our hair to benefit from the intake. If the body falls short on protein supply, this can be the reason behind why you are suffering from various hair problems like hair thinning, regular loss, and the like. Good sources of protein such as chicken, egg, milk, and other poultry products are essential if you want a lustrous hair. Other protein-filled food choices include fish, nuts, and legumes.

Omega 3 fatty acids
Omega-3s are essential fats found in external sources which compose the cells that line your scalp. They also provide natural body oils which help keep the scalp and hair hydrated. Increasing your consumption of this essential fatty acid contributes to the improvement of your hair condition, so the next time you do your grocery don’t forget to add in various seeds like nuts and pumpkin, as well as avocado and salmon.

Too little iron in your diet may also majorly cause hair loss, since it is another important mineral-component of the hair. When iron levels are low, this may cause anemia. This condition disrupts the follicle’s nutrient supply and in turn affects the growth cycle of your hair and may lead to shedding. Raise your iron intake by including leafy green vegetables in your meals such as spinach, lentils, and broccoli. You may also opt to eat fish, egg, and chicken, too.

Deficiency in Zinc can cause drastic changes in the protein structure of hair follicles. With that, it often leads to a much weakened structural cohesion. This makes your hair fall off much more easily and rapidly compared to its normal pace. Strengthen your hair follicles by load up in your zinc supply and eat more of soy products, nuts, seeds, and eggs.

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