Entrepreneurial Skills You Can Teach Your Kids Now


Kids are gullible – you can easily teach them anything and hope something leaves a mark until they grow up. The key here is consistency. As a parent, you have the responsibility to ensure that your kids grow in a fine environment where they are empowered and eventually be better in whatever field they will choose in the near future by teaching them some skills.

You can start by teaching your kids entrepreneurial skills. It is good to teach them whilst young. Teaching them tying shoes or riding a bike takes time and patience. That is also same with fostering their entrepreneurial spirit. They need nudging. So, here are some skills that you need to teach your kids:

  • Resilience: Being resilient means being able to become strong and successful despite the hurdles or bad things that happened. Your kid should know that life is filled with setbacks and learning how to survive is essential. As a parent, you have to teach your kid to get up especially if they suffered major setbacks in life to be successful.


  • Diligence: Before success, your kid must know that they have to work hard for it. Every work demands due diligence. Kids also need to understand the value of hard work. You can start by giving them chores and responsibilities. The best thing is to lead by example. Do not teach being diligent if you are not moving your feet. Remember you are their role model.

  • Self-confidence: Believing in your own capabilities is the precursor of a successful life. You have to help your kids build their self-confidence and eventually it will relate to high self-esteem. After all, being an entrepreneur is believing that you can work it out even if others do not believe it. Encourage your kids to voice out their opinions and give them chances to make their own decisions.


  • Giving importance: Entrepreneurs know and understand the importance of social responsibility. At an early age, you have to teach your kids to give back. Entrepreneurs just want to make the world a better place and giving is one way of making it better. You can encourage your kids now to start giving back by helping out the neighbours.

There are many Singaporeans who succeeded as entrepreneurs and your kids should know some of them. Do not hesitate to share success stories because it will serve as their inspiration. Teaching them these skills will assure you that they will thrive later on.

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