Long Hair versus Short Hair

Can’t decide what your next hairstyle will be? Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of having long hair and short hair.

Pros and Cons of Long Hair
1. Long hair can be styled any way you want. It can be time-consuming, but they look great especially when there are many hairstyles that you can try.
2. Long hair can be a pain especially during hot days. Going outdoors during an especially humid Singapore afternoon with your hair down can make it sticky, oily and dry. But you can easily tie it up so it doesn’t stick to your sweaty neck and face, unlike short hair.
3. Long hair takes a lot of time to wash, dry and style. You’d also need more shampoo and other hair products.
4. The time, cost and dedication it takes however to maintain a healthy long hair will reflect your health, hygiene and lifestyle. If you look great in it, you’ll be the envy of a lot of girls.
5. If you’re the messy type of person and you don’t take the time to style your hair, people will think you have lice and don’t shower everyday.
6. Long hair can tangle easily especially if you have curly hair, damaged hair or dry hair. They’re especially bad in the morning. They also get caught on a lot of items and accessories.
7. Because long hair can be styled in many ways, they’re perfect for any shape of face. Whether you’re insecure about your long neck, big forehead or angular jaws, long hair can help cover it up.

Pros and Cons of Short Hair
1. Styling and maintaining short hair costs less. You don’t need a lot of shampoo and other hair products to keep it gorgeous. Hair treatments at the salon also cost less.
2. You can’t use a lot of accessories however and you’ll feel left out in a ball or a costume event.
3. Short hair isn’t heavy and doesn’t tangle up easily. Long-haired women feel pretty when they flip their hair, but the truth is the strands stick to your lipstick, get caught in your earrings and snag on your accessories.
4. Having short hair cuts off your daily routine in half. Bathing and styling takes less time. Short hair is easy to maintain. It also dries faster.
5. You still look great when you wake up. Because short hair is low maintenance, you don’t need to comb it thoroughly when you have bed hair.
6. You look clean and sexy with a short hair. Find haircuts that will complement the shape of your face. Sometimes you don’t need sexy clothes to look hot because your hair will do it for you effortlessly.
7. While some people associate long hair with youthfulness, short hair will enhance your facial features and make you seem younger. Short hair frames your face, making it easier for people to focus on your eyes and smile.
8. Short hair has limited styling options. If you’re the type who loves to experiment on different looks, short hair isn’t for you.

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