Tips for Your Child’s First Trip to the Hair Salon

Getting the first haircut is a milestone in the relationship of a parent and their child. In many cultures, a child’s haircut can mean freedom from the past and a fresh start, good luck, recognition as a member of the family, or done after the child receives a name.

Here’s how can you make your son’s or daughter’s first haircut a good and memorable experience.

Tips for Parents

You need to prepare your child for his/her first trip to the salon by making him/her understand that he/she is not going to get hurt in the process. A lot of kids who are getting their first haircut end up having tantrums because they are meeting a lot of strangers and they think the scissors are going to hurt.

1. When to Have a Haircut

Some babies go to the hair salon as young as 2 months, while other parents choose to have their child’s hair trimmed at 2 years of age. There is no recommended age to get the first haircut; remember that every child is unique and only you will know when the time is right. There are signs, however, that will tell you your child will need a trim soon. He/she will need a haircut from the best hairdressing shop in Singapore if the hair is getting too long and bothersome or if the hair gets in the eyes often and bothers the child during playtime or other activities.

2. Choose the Right Salon

Find the best hair salon in Singapore that has experience with children so that the stylists will know how to make your child comfortable. Even if your child is well-behaved at home, he/she can get uncomfortable with strangers doing things with his/her hair. You can also take the child to the hair salon before the scheduled appointed to give him/her an idea about what’s going to happen. Introduce him/her to the hairstylists and let him/her watch them at work with other kids so he/she knows there’s nothing to worry about. Ask for recommendations from other parents about kids’ salons in the area as well.

3. Prepare your Child

A child will get uncomfortable going through an experience he/she has never encountered before, that is why it’s important not to shock the child by taking him/her to a hair salon in Singapore suddenly. Give the child an idea what will happen in the salon by preparing him/her weeks earlier. You can take the child during one of your trips to the hair salon and let them see the hairstylists working on your hair. Besides a visit to a hair salon in Singapore, you can show him/her pictures of the hairstyling process, read books about a child’s first haircut, or ask the older brother or sister to help the child understand that there’s no danger in getting his/her hair trimmed. Lastly, set a time and date that is most comfortable for the child. Avoid times when he/she needs a nap for example.

4. Bring Items

Bring extra shirts, snacks, water, feeding bottle, diapers, and his/her favorite toy to help him/her feel relaxed and comfortable during the process in the hair salon. Make sure that the child isn’t hungry or thirsty before he/she sits on the chair, and ask if he/she needs to use the bathroom first. If your child feels comfortable having his/her older brother/s or sister/s around take them with you to the hair salon.

5. Make it Fun

When you come in nervous for your child’s first haircut, he/she can easily pick up on your emotions and will start to feel uncomfortable as well. If your child can’t sit still, the hair salon might ask you to let him/her sit on your lap or let him play with his/her toys. Make the experience fun, memorable, and exciting for both of you by taking pictures. You can even save a few locks of your child’s hair to commemorate the first haircut. Lastly, praise your child for behaving well at the hair salon and congratulate him/her for his/her new haircut.

Hairstyling Procedures for Kids

What should you do if your child wants to have other hairstyling procedures done on his/her hair? If a haircut isn’t the only thing that your child is asking for at the hair salon, is there a correct age to have the hair colored, straightened, or curled for example?

1. Hair Coloring

According to dermatologists, the chemicals used to color hair are not safe for children until they reach puberty. Ideally, a child can only have his/her hair colored at the age of 16, because children usually have finer hair than adults and the bleach or dye can cause damage to the hair. Not only that, contact with harsh chemicals on a child’s sensitive skin can cause unnecessary harm. If the child still insists on having his/her hair colored, you can ask the best hair salon in Singapore to use non-permanent colors that do not contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and paraphenylenediamine. Ask the hair salon to also do a patch test first to see if the child is sensitive to the chemicals, and always recommend the balayage technique when coloring hair instead of using foils and overall shade change.

2. Hair Straightening and Curling

The same is true for the two other popular procedures at the hair salon in Singapore – hair straightening and hair curling. The hair salon, however, will tell you that these procedures can still be performed on a child’s hair depending on the child’s readiness and maturity to undergo the hair treatments. Make the child understand that these procedures take a lot of time to finish, that he/she will be exposed to harsh chemicals and even breathe in fumes, that the procedures are expensive, and that he/she needs to observe all the proper aftercare procedures to maintain the hair. Having their hair straightened or curled entails a huge responsibility on the part of the child, so make sure he/she is mature enough to handle these tasks.

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