When to Hire a Good Plumbing Contractor

With all the available online guides and tutorials, fixing a plumbing issue on your own is now made easier. Yet, there are still circumstances where getting the expertise of professional plumbing contractor proves to be the best option. So be sure to hire a good plumber in your area and keep his contacts handy in case any of the following situations arise.

1. Low Water Pressure

This issue is often cause by several factors, such as having a poor supply-line design, low water pressure from the supplier, or obstructions (debris or rust) in the water lines. Regardless of what the cause of the problem is, getting the plumbing services of a skilled contractor in this situation will surely help in analysing the issue and providing a quick solution for it.

2. Pipe Knocking

Another sign that you need to contact your plumber is when you hear knocking in the pipes as you take a shower, when filling the bathtub, or when the sink is running. There several known causes that lead to knocking pipes. Some of these factors include loose support straps, loose valves, or water hammer – which is the pressurization of the water pipe after usage. These things may cause your pipe to shift in place and when left uncorrected, could lead to leakage. So be sure to call on the nearest plumbing contractor in your area to assess the issue and give you some quick solutions to this problem.

3. Absence of Hot Water

Obviously, there is something wrong with the water heater in your shower, but what may have caused it? Perhaps it could be because of a defective thermostat, a mineral build-up in the water tank, or the heating element. While this issues can be easily handles by a handyman, hiring a reliable plumber would be your best option if you are thinking of replacing your entire water heating system. Plus, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your new heating system is installed by a professional plumbing contractor.

4. Clogged Sewer Line

Perhaps this is one of the biggest plumbing problem that could affect the functionality of your household. A clogged sewer line is something that is often caused by tree roots, and this is something that your handy household plunger will not be able to fix. So don’t risk ruining your pipes by performing a DIY repair job. Instead, call for plumber services in Singapore to get the problem fixed for you. Most plumbing contractors are equipped with the right tools to conduct a sewer line inspection, cut through the roots, as well as a hydro-jetting system to fix other types of clog problems.

5. Continuous Dripping

If water continues to drip from your sink or shower after, then there is a good chance that the spare water on the faucet might not be properly draining or that the water pressure on your household is too high. Another problem that might have caused this is a broken valve, which is used to control the on and off setting of the faucet or showerhead. This problem could permanently damage your plumbing system when left unfixed, which is why it is crucial that you call in a professional plumber immediately after recognizing the problem.

6. Slow Drainage

A slow drainage is one of those problems that can be easily fixed by only using a pipe snake, boiling water and some drainage cleaners. If this does not work, however, then your best choice is to call in your trusted plumbing contractor in Singapore. This issue is often caused by a broken pipe or a pooled water – both of which requires the skills of a professional to be completely fixed. Some health experts even stress the importance of dealing with these problems right away, since having a significant amount of still water in your plumbing system could pose some serious health risks.

7. Coloured Water

When you turn on your faucet, remember that the water coming out of it should be crystal clear. If it comes out with some hints of colour, then it’s a clear sign of a plumbing problem. If the water comes out cloudy or white, it means that air is present in your pipes. Colours yellow, red and brown, on the other hand, signifies that your water lines have rusted; while green and blue means that your copper plumbing has corroded. If any of these colours come out in your faucet, then do consider contacting a regular or a 24 hours plumber to check on your plumbing system and fix the problem immediately.

8. Shower Valve Replacement

Perhaps this is one of the most complex and time-consuming plumbing works that any homeowner can attempt to do on their own. The choices of which valve is right for your shower are too many, and choosing one can get confusing quickly. Plus, there is also the chance of you damaging your shower walls as you proceed with your repair job. So instead of performing a DIY repair job on your plumbing system, let the professionals handle the work for you. An experienced plumbing contractor not only knows how to choose a shower valve that best suits your needs, he also has the skills to replace the valve without causing too much damage on your walls.

Knowing exactly when you should get the services of a good plumber is what will help in cutting down you home repair costs. In fact, even with small home repair projects, it can be worthwhile to ask some help from a professional. So instead of investing much of your time in performing DIY plumbing works, call around and get the best plumbing services available in your area in Singapore. Not only will you be able to save some time and money on this decision, you will also get the peace of mind that a professional completed the repair job for you.

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