7 Unexpected Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar


That bottle of apple cider vinegar in your pantry is capable of doing so much more than just adding flavour to your salad. In fact, you can move to your medicine cabinet as it is very effective for almost everything, from your hair to your digestive health.

  1. Wart Remover

Soak—not just dampen—a cotton ball, squeeze out excess and tape it over a wart with adhesive bandage. Your skin may swell a bit as it reacts with the vinegar. You may have to do this a few more days until the wart has fallen off.

  1. Facial Toner

Mix one part of apple cider vinegar with two parts water and use it as a toner. The mixture help regular your skin’s pH level and also softens and cleanses it.

  1. Sunburn Relief

Sometimes, some areas of the skin get missed by sunblock, good thing there’s apple cider vinegar to the rescue. One tablespoon of apple cider mixed added to your lotion helps tame the redness on your skin. The lotion and apple cider, when combine, helps neutralize and soothe the burn to relieve skin irritation.

  1. Dandruff Buster

Rather than suffering the itchiness of scalp due to dandruff, treat it quickly with apple cider solution. Mix water and the vinegar in a spray bottle, and spray it concentrating onto the roots of your hair. Massage well into your scalp and let it stay for half an hour before rinsing. This solution is safe for everyday use until dandruff completely disappears.

  1. Flea Treatment

In a spray bottle, mix one part of apple cider in one part water, and then spray it to your pets fur. Repeat at least once a day for a week to get rid of fleas.

  1. Sparkling Solution

Pour a cup of apple cider in your toilet and let it sit for half an hour, then flush. You can also dampen a cloth with water and apple cider vinegar solution to wipe the counters. This effective cleans tiles while leaving a mild apple scent.

  1. Sore Throat Relief

Apple cider vinegar contains anti-bacterial properties, so it’s effective to break down congestion and mucus. Mix equal parts of honey and apple cider. Take a tablespoon of it every four hours to relieve pain. Another option is to mix two tablespoons of the vinegar and a teaspoon of honey in a cup of warm water. Sip it slowly and avoid the drink from soaking your teeth. Gargle and rinse your moth well to protect the enamel of the tooth.

Use your apple cider vinegar more. Use it on yourself and around the house, and you’ll see great improvements from your skin to your kitchen tiles with just one kitchen staple product.

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