Questions You Should Ask on Your First Date


First dates are tense and intense for many Singaporeans. It is during this time that you will make a connection and determine if it is worth another time. Everyone hopes to have that connection thereby presenting one’s best self. You just hope things will work out. Before the start of the date, you are too anxious thinking is the man serious or not?

It is good that you determine whether to continue or not so you won’t waste your precious time forcing to like someone. The good news is that there are some questions that you can ask on your first date and from there, you can sort out the serious one and the happy-go-lucky people. Here are the questions that can determine their intention of you:

  • Can you tell me about your family? This question can make a big difference at the end of the day. They say that you will know a person through the people around him/her. If you love your family, it is just right to consider a partner who also appreciates and loves their parents as well. You would want your date to be a family person and through this question, you will get a picture of know he/she functions with the family.


  • Can you tell me about your favorite pastimes? This question seems plain abut it can give you tons of information. This is kind of a starter. When you find a point where both of you are passionate about, conversation will be so light and you will feel instant connection.


  • What is the most interesting thing you ever read recently? This is not a dorky question at all. In fact, by asking this, you will know the depth of the person you are talking to. You also get to know how they think.


  • What do you do? It is true that jobs define a person but it is not everything. In this case, you have to know what your date’s occupation is not to judge or estimate his/her wealth. If you learn that he/she is passionate about his/her job, you will get an idea of their attitude towards work. Is that person always complaining or rejoicing? You will know that either he/she is a cheerleader or complainer.


  • What are your favorite foods? They say that a way to any heart is through their stomach. It pays to know what your date likes to eat and try to look for something similar. Remember that Singaporeans are foodies. Nothing can go wrong with this topic or question.