5 Reasons Why Dogs are Man’s Best Friend


Dogs are simply awesome. Whether they are begging for that ball to be thrown, barking to convince you to take them out for a walk, or excitedly greeting you when you get home, dogs are just adorable doing all the little things that make us smile. Those furry, four-legged creatures are the best companions to have, and here are the reasons why they are the best friend you will ever have.


  1. Dogs will not remember your faults.

One of the unfortunate things among people is that, generally, we remember most of the times we’ve been wronged and we often hold grudges because of it. Dogs, however, don’t. It means you can tug on their ears or play with their tails without worrying whether they would play with you again or not. With dogs, you can expect that you remain their best bud no matter what.

  1. Dogs will always remember their connection with you.

While your pup won’t remember you tugging on his tail, they will never forget the connection you have with them. And if you’re good to them, you’ll leave a huge impact on your dog that he will never be able to shake off.

  1. Dogs serve as a motivational partner.cute-and-sweet-american-cooker-spaniel-outdoor-with-his-owner-02

In case your lazy to hit the gym, look at your dog while it’s waggling its tail and getting all excited for you to take them out.  Take advantage with their abundance of energy and take them out to play at the park or a walk around the neighbourhood. Apart from getting you out of the couch and engaging in some action, you’re making your pooch extremely happy for playing with them.

  1. Dogs will never leave you hanging.

All of us, at some point, have experienced making plans with a friend, only to find out that they cancelled at the last minute. If you have a dog, no need to worry about cancelled plans. You have your furry friend who will keep you company all throughout the day. Dogs don’t use phones or any gadget, so you know you have their complete attention on you.

  1. Dogs know how to live life.

Dogs also act like humans—humans who behave like they have nothing to be concerned about. All the dogs want to do is play with you, run around, eat, nap, wake up, play with you again, eat again, and take a nap again. Sure, we humans have a lot of responsibilities to do, but it won’t hurt if we could live life like our dogs even for just a day.

Dogs aren’t called “man’s best friend” for no reason. They may not have the same level of intelligence as humans, but they can make better companions than some humans you probably know.