How to Declutter Your Mind


In the hustle and bustle of Singapore city, there is one thing that you want most in your life and that is inner peace. Inner peace is desired by all but achieved by so little. If you want to master the art of inner peace, there is only one secret to it. The secret to inner peace is decluttering the mind.

If you are worried about your cluttered work space, you can just begin to clean it and be over it. It is not the same with the mind however. It takes a lot of patience, time and discipline to declutter the mind and maintain it all throughout your lifetime.

Remember there is nothing worse than having a cluttered mind. Mental clutter can disrupts balance eventually affecting your productivity. It is time that you consider decluttering your mind. Here are a few tips:

  1. Breathe

Perhaps the simplest and effortless thing that you can do to declutter your mind is to breathe. This can be very effective too. You have to take a deep breath and concentrate on it. If it adds to the calming effect, you can choose to close your eyes. You will notice an immediate calming. Notice the environment slowly disappear and focus more on you.

  1. Keep a journal

The clutter needs to be put in order so it won’t be counterproductive. Actually, it is a blessing if many things come in your mind but sometimes it can be chaotic because you do not know what to do with it. The best thing to do when you have many thoughts is to write it down in your own journal. You have to write your worries, experiences and hopes. It can actually be your therapy.

  1. Look for alternative activities

Instead of fretting there for something that you do not like or cluttering your brain, why not look for alternative activities? For sure you have a hobby that you can re-learn once again. It’ll make you happy for sure.

  1. Get active

Now this is something that you have to do regardless of what your motive is. Going active should be your thing these days as it can improve mood not to mention what it can do to the body as well.

Now that you know simple ways to declutter your mind, it is a matter of doing it. The key here is consistency. For the sake of trying, maybe it will only last for few days but if you totally embrace it, you will surely see positive results one of these days.