4 Charming Traits of Likeable People


Do you want to get ahead at work, school or in your community? If so, answer this question: Are you well liked?

Likeable people tend to receive more opportunities, are likely to be forgiven in case of mistakes and are believed by people around them because they are deemed credible.

Luckily, being likeable is not about having good looks, being the smartest in class or being the most outgoing person in the group. It may be much easier than you think, and it’s something that anyone can attain. You can make your friends, classmates, colleagues or bosses like you by applying these common traits of likeable people.

  1. They are open-minded.

Having your own values and principles is important, but being likeable needs you to be open to listening and understanding the opinions of others. Being open-minded engages you to a friendly debate and make friends and family feel validated. At work, being open-minded makes your colleagues and co-workers feel that you are approachable and easy to work with.

  1. They are genuine.

Although being too honest can appear tactless and is likely to push people away, there’s also a certain degree of honesty that shows your sincere opinion and presents yourself in the right way. Even if you’re good at hiding your feelings, there are people who can sense dishonesty and are likely to feel uncomfortable around you. Make the effort to know yourself better and look for a comfortable way to consistently present yourself in an authentic manner.


  1. They are patient.

Likeable people give other people a chance, room to grow and some space to make mistakes and learn. They know that everything in life is meant to be learned and they give people the chance to learn things on their own, but provide assistance if they need one. If you aim to be more likeable, extend your hand, be patient with people and encourage them if something is not working on the first try.

  1. They ask for feedback.

Finally, likeable individuals welcome growth and improvement by hearing about things that are not so likeable about them. Though you don’t have to take every bad remark or criticism, listen carefully when people who are close to you alert you of a negative trait you might be exhibiting. Listen and ponder on this feedback, and find a way to improve while still being true to yourself and others.

Likeable people have tried to be less likeable at some point in their lives, but they strive to become more social, respectful and genuinely friendly to others. Develop these charming traits, and you’ll grow your social circle that will benefit your life in the long-run.aaeaaqaaaaaaaanbaaaajdlhmjvmnji3lwrmymmtndeymi05zji5ltdjy2qymgewndcwnw