Importance of Wearing High Visibility Shorts and Vests


Years back, only people with dangerous jobs and those in authority can be seen wearing high visibility shorts and vests. But now, apparently, everyone, old and young, is wearing one—may it be a hi vis shorts, vest, or a jacket. What is with these neon clothing, anyway? Why is everyone suddenly wearing high visibility clothing and/or bringing hi vis gears?

Before digging deeper on the reasons of people wearing hi vis clothing, let us take a look first at the history of this eye-catching clothing.

History of High Visibility Clothing

High visibility vests were first introduced as an experiment in Scotland in the year 1964. It was then nicknamed Fire-flies and it was used to by track workers on the electrified line in Glasgow. The train drivers were then asked of the vest’s effectivity in keeping the workers visible and they agreed that they are indeed easier seen with the vest on.

Legally, the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act and the 1992 Personal Protective Equipment at Work regulation requires all, from the persons in charge to the guards, in hazardous industries to wear high visibility clothing while in the workplace to ensure safety. Up until some years ago, only people with hazardous jobs like firemen, electrical workers, and those exposed to toxic materials are seen wearing hi vis clothing, a fire retardant high visibility clothing to be specific. This neon piece of clothing doesn’t only make them visible; it also makes them fire-resistant.

Presently, a lot of people has been promoting its usage but the latest authority to do so is Kent County Council. They have been promoting its use through their 120 “walking buses” wherein children walk to school together while wearing high visibility gear. Somehow, people have grown accustomed into wearing hi vis clothing of any kind. If you’re eager to know why, you’ll find out by reading this post.

Why Should Everyone Wear Hi Vis Clothing

People are more conscious and afraid of what might happen to them when outside their house. With danger just around the corner, people feel safer when they are wearing high visibility clothing. People claim that wearing one reduces traffic-related accidents. Biking and jogging enthusiasts for example are mostly seen wearing high visibility vests.

By wearing hi vis clothing, motorists can see them easier and it reduces the chance of being hit by moving vehicles. If in case the accident was not prevented, wearing a high visibility vest will make it easier for rescuers to locate you and give you the help you need. The same goes when a disaster hit your place and you need help.

Just imagine, if a fire suddenly broke out and you have a fire retardant high visibility clothing in your closet, it would be a lot easier to save yourself and your loved ones. People nowadays want to be safe and free from danger that’s why they wear high visibility clothing, and there is nothing wrong with that. If wearing a high visibility shorts and vest can save your life and those of others, then why not, right?

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